The Human Givens Charter — A vision for good government


There is much uncertainty among professionals and politicians today about the best way to approach all manner of difficulties such as how to manage national security, finance and the environment. In addition, the psychological strains of modern living must be considered. Always in contention is: how best to run organisations, educate our children; help unsocialised young adults; treat the rising rates of anxiety and depression; work with addicts; and grapple with the chaotic consequences of broken families, debt and crime.

It is crucial – perhaps now more than ever – that we make use of the wealth of knowledge available to us regarding what we all need to live healthy and fulfilling lives. In the current financial climate, resources are too scarce for our leaders to continue doing what they fancy and hoping for the best.

The Human Givens Charter provides a positive vision of how this situation could be changed for the better. It is addressed to practical people and inspired by a larger organising idea than any currently used.

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