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Viability | Human Givens Charter

The Human Givens Charter — A vision for good government

A viable vision

It is because we are driven by nature to get our innate emotional needs met that, if we can’t do so in healthy ways, we will try and do so in less healthy ones.

For example, as a social creature we have a strong need to belong to groups and every child is driven to connect up to the main peer group in the wider community around it. So, if the only community in its neighbourhood is a gang of antisocial, binge-drinking youths, he or she will be innately inclined to join it. The quality of the social world around us is therefore critical.

It follows from this that our mature human duty is to ensure that the organizations we make responsible for our physical and mental health systems, the education of our children and our country’s economic and social viability, all implement concrete plans that are based, not on political dogma, bureaucratic expediency or greed, but on what nature decrees is necessary.

This means that the prime morale duty of any government and all public services is to ensure that the population’s innate human needs are being met well.

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