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Three reasons why things go wrong

There are three main reasons why children and adults may be prevented from getting their innate emotional needs met and any one of them is sufficient to generate unhealthy levels of stress in an individual, with the very real danger that anxiety or anger disorders will develop, depression set in, or addictive behaviours take hold. The three factors are:

One: The environment the person lives or works in is ‘sick’ and prevents them from getting one or more of their needs met (as in having to endure an abusive dysfunctional family, living in a threatening neighbourhood, working for a bully or without any autonomy).

Two: The person doesn’t know how to operate their internal guidance system so as to get their needs met (as in learned helplessness when a person has been conditioned to have low expectations of themselves, or when they don’t know how to challenge unrealistic expectations with universal reasoning, or when someone is misusing their imagination by worrying – which precipitates depression – instead of using it to solve problems).

Three: The person’s innate guidance system is damaged in some way: perhaps through faulty transmission of genetic knowledge (as in the inability to read context, caetextia, seen throughout the autistic spectrum), poor diet (not getting proper nutriment to the brain), poisoning (drugs, alcohol etc), physical accidents to the brain, or psychological trauma (including PTSD).

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